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When surveyed some Sacramento dentists said The salary of a dentist hygienist varies basing on where a person gets a job, the location or the venue of where the job is and also how experienced the dental hygienist is especially basing on the level of education of the dental hygienist.

What’s a Dental Hygienist?

A dentist hygienist is the person who cleans a patient’s teeth and also helps out in treating of dental diseases. He or she also majors in provision of any form of preventive procedure that concerns oral hygiene to a person who has visited the dental clinic. The dental hygienist works very closely with the doctor or with the dentist and helps in providing basic services in the dental clinic which will make the doctor’s or dentist’s work much easier. The dental hygienist works in various locations and also situations and earns their salary at the end of the month for the work that they do.

The type of work that the dental hygienist does includes cleaning the various food deposits that are on the teeth of the client, cleans out any teeth stains, makes sure that all the areas around the gums and under them are cleaned. The dental hygienist also looks out for any symptoms or signs that may depict oral cancer. They do this by checking for any swellings in the mouth and so much more. The dental hygienists are at times required to visit schools and also communities then teach the people about oral hygiene together with the dentist. A dental hygienist needs to be a very creative person who likes to be around people.

Other Duties

The other duties which are handled by the dental hygienist include the following: a dental hygienist helps out the dentist when they are working by handing the dentist the required tools when treating a patient. A dentist hygienist also does the x-rays of the patients whenever it is required, he or she also helps in administering fluoride to the patient’s gums when ever it is required during the treatment procedure and any other duties that similarly work in making the dentist’s work much easier. These duties are however dependent on where a person gets the job at.

Where Do Dental Hygienists Work?

In most cases, hygienists work in the office of the dentist and in most states, they get an average salary of around $ 68 000. Another very common place where you will find most dental hygienists working is in a doctor’s office. This is when they are required to perform some of the work that would otherwise be performed by a dentist. Dental hygienists also work in the government hospitals in the dental department of the hospital. However, the annual salary in these government hospitals for the dental hygienists is around $ 63 000.